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It has probably never been so vital to:

  • have clear, agreed business goals to which all staff are committed
  • have a plan on how to reach your business goals
  • ensure that teams within the organisation know how to reach your business goals
  • ensure that teams have the necessary skills to reach your business goals
  • ensure that all of the teams within the organisation are on the same track towards your business goals

SUMMITREKS can help you with any or all of your mangement skills and team development needs.

SUMMITREKS is a leading adventure services and training company in the Lake District. We offer many different outdoor activities and view them as the ideal vehicles for:

  • team synergy improvement
  • personal development
  • management development

by undertaking tasks in the form of a journey.

Achieving business goals

When a team is working perfectly, people tend to play to each other's strengths and cover each other's weaknesses. Excellent teamwork must be harnessed to business goals to achieve performance growth.

Teams are micro professional service firms - persuading everyone to co-operate on the relentless task of constructing an outstanding system for delighting the customer.

How can your organisation improve flexibility, drive customer service improvement, speed up product delivery and motivate staff at all levels?

SUMMITREKS can help develop really effective teams by using the outdoor environment to provide personal challenges, promote self-discipline and bring about a better understanding of ourselves and others. With stark and real situations we aid the development of plans, harnessing of resources, implementation of the plan and introduce an element of controlled risk to allow the opportunity for teams to feel safe enough to take risks and for team members to be able to support and depend on each other.

Rivers to Cross

Organisations have rarely, if ever, been under such pressure to improve efficiency, effectiveness and performance.

De-layering, de-manning, intense market pressures and competition, linked with rising customer expectations, mean that organisations must exceed the ordinary requirements of quality and value.

Groups are more likely to solve problems than individuals. Therefore it is imperative to embrace their multiple skills, experiences and judgements to achieve a high performance. This can only be delivered by a truly effective team.

SUMMITREKS can help weld colleagues of disparate backgrounds and skills into a powerful team.

Bridges to Build

As the old functional hierarchies are demolished, and leaner, flatter structures surface, the role of the team has become vital.It is essential to define team roles, ie functional or technical expertise; problem solving and decision making skills; interpersonal skills.

Do all your team members have clearly differentiated roles within your business framework which eliminates duplication of effort, promotes collaboration and minimises internal frustration and wasted time and effort?

SUMMITREKS can help create internal harmony and raise personal capability.

Mountains to Climb

When pursuing swifter, improved ways to link resources to customer need or competitive challenge, the critical building block is the team - not the individual.

What has your organisation done to create the opportunity for teams to experiment and practise alternative strategies, grow in confidence and become better equipped to cope with responsibility, pressure, uncertainty and change?

SUMMITREKS can help. By-products of Summitreks activities are a willingness to take risks, openness to change and innovation, perseverance, emotional resilience and a positive attitude.



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