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Ron has just messaged to say that everyone is now safely down from the mountain. Heavy snowfall has made the route unsafe with insufficient time now for the snow to consolidate and enable another summit bid.
Sadly the expedition will now prepare to leave Base Camp for the trek out and journey home.

Tuesday 13th August.

Still at Base Camp waiting for settled weather. 20cm of fresh snow hampered their descent from Camp 2.
A proposed Summit bid at the end of the week is being compromised by forecasts of heavy snow on Thursday morning.

Friday 9th August 

Today an early start for return to Camp 1 (5,250m) -situated on a series of rocky platforms close to the snowline.
Tomorrow the route follows the long undulating ridge mostly on snow to the large level site of Camp 2 at 5,670m.Here they will spend the night all being well and return to Base Camp on Sunday 11th.
Wednesday 7th August
Ron and the team climbed back up to Camp 1 on Tuesday and spent the night there before returning to Base Camp today.
All part of the acclimatisation process.No more news but all going well and weather fairly settled.
Saturday 3rd August
Now safely at Base Camp (4,160m) and enjoying an acclimatisation/rest day.
Since leaving the roadhead at Arandu (2,770m) it has taken 3 days following the northern edge of the Chogolumgma Glacier to reach the foot of Spantik’s south east ridge.
Tomorrow they will venture onto the lower slopes of the mountain exploring part of the route to Camp 1 (c 5,150m) before returning back to Base Camp.


On 27th July 2019 Ron Rutland, SUMMITREKS Operations Director & Mountain Guide will fly to Islamabad in Pakistan to climb SPANTIK, 7,027 metres.
An internal flight from Islamabad will be taken to Skardu in the Karakoram Himalayas.
The team will trek to a BaseCamp at 4,160 metres on the edge of the Chogolungma Glacier.
From BaseCamp the climb takes the S.E ridge which rises  2,870m. over it`s 8.8km. length to the summit at 7.027 m.
3 camps will be placed allowing a final summit climb towards the end of August.
Ron Rutland.


Wetherlam - Photographed by Ron Rutland, 6th July 2019

Swirl How - Photographed by Ron Rutland, 19th June 2019

Monday 27th May 2019

Summitreks Black Crag, Bank Holiday Monday

Saturday 25th May 2019

Top. Fairfield range from Wetherlam

]Saturday 13th April 2019

Ron Rutland
Thirlmere from summit of Raven Crag

raven crag


Photographs of a winter course on the 2nd February 2019 on top of the Old Man, Coniston.

By 2nd August we had established C3 at 6,300m.
The weather forecast forwarded by Summitreks in the UK gave us a weather window to allow a summit bid  -
So, at 1am on 2nd August we started the climb to the summit.  It was a cold, clear night- a welcome bonus after the previous days of volatile weather.
We split into 3 ropes with 5 climbers and 3 sherpas to cross the glacier to the headwall which led to the ridge adjoining Kun and Pinnacle Peak, 6,930m
The headwall was steep and covered in a layer of soft snow overlying ice. As we ascended, now on some fixed ropes,the cloud rolled in ominously –adding  yet another dimension to our commitment to reach the summit.
We crossed an unstable diagonal ridge as dawn became daylight. From 6,800m the angle eased a little and conditions underfoot became more reliable. For the first time since leaving C3 eight hours earlier there was a resting place in the now clear weather.
The altitude effect was now slowing us and time rolled by, but at 11.30 I finally set foot on the summit of KUN, 7,087m.
Now all we had to do was concentrate on a safe descent!

Ron with Sherpas on KUN summit


Wednesday 8th August
Ron is now back in Leh. Last night he enjoyed a celebration dinner with the Sherpa team who are mostly from the Makalu region – an 8,000m peak that Ron has been to on several occasions, the first being a winter attempt that Ron led  `alpine style` in  the early 1980s.
Tomorrow he leaves for Delhi and a debrief with the IMF, and then home.
What a way to spend your 70th birthday!

Kun Summit and C3 below summit ridge, viewed from C2

Friday 3rd August 2018
SUCCESS!  Ron reached the summit of Kun mid-day yesterday. Now back at BC and due home on Friday 10th August.
No more news as yet, but from Summitreks - `Well Done!`
Report to follow.

Route to C2 (top right) from C1

28th July, 2018
Ron left on 7th July as scheduled – arriving in LEH via DELHI to visit the International Mountaineering Federation in order to finalise climbing permits.
He was in contact on the first part of the approach before reaching Kargil on 17th July. Here he encountered difficulties with satellite phones being confiscated- presumably due to the sensitive nature of the area having a strong military presence close to the Indian border.
Since then communication has been limited, but we know that he reached C1 (5,200m) on 26th July and C2 (6,121m) yesterday, 27th July. This was always going to be the most technical section of the climb- involving mixed rock, snow and ice up to 50 deg. in places.
The weather pattern on the summit pyramid looks settled for the first few days of August so hopefully they will make a summit bid early next week.

30th June 2018

Kun -7,087m
Ladakh - Himalaya-India
On Saturday 7th July, Summitreks Operations Director Ron Rutland will fly to Delhi and onwards to Leh (3,510m) the capital of LADAKH. After acclimatisation the team will trek to KUN - Base camp 4,350m.This part of the expedition is anticipated to take 10 days.
From Base camp we will use 3 camps on the mountain with a summit attempt in early August.
Kun is a snow/ice climb with some challenging sections between the camps. We are due back in the UK on 10th August.

30th June 2018

Black Combe Summit, South Lakes


16th June 2018

Summitreks on summit of Mt. Olympus, Greece. Pity no view!

12th June 2018

Guided walk Scafell Pike

27th May 2018

Buckbarrow with Leki!

26th May 2018

A guided walk up the Old Man of Coniston (Kanchenjunga) as it was known in Arthur Ransome's books.

24th May 2018

HarterFell. Summitreks on top with Deuter.

4th May 2018

View from Helvellyn

April 30th 2018

White Maiden. Dow Crag


April 10th 2018


In early July 2018 Summitreks Director- Guide will be travelling to Ladakh  in Northern India to climb KUN 7087. (23,250 feet).
KUN is one of the highest peaks in this part of the Himalaya and was first climbed in 1913 but had to wait 58 years before a second attempt was successful.
Ron will post details of the ascent as they happen in July –August.
If you are going on any expedition anywhere in the world and you need training – equipment advice please contact me. Ron Rutland Summitreks Guides.



Private guided session 21st February 2018

Langdale Pikes 13th February 2018

10th February 2018, Yewtree Tarn, near Coniston


LATEST NEWS:- Summitreks Winter Skills, Coniston Fells, Thursday 1st February 2018



19th December 2017

2018 Winter Courses- Lake District, Cumbria

Winter Skills for the Hills Courses

Self arrest practice on steep ground


Included is two days (weekend) instruction and the hire of ice axes, crampons and helmets.

For adults only, if your hill walking experience has been mainly in summer conditions then this course provides the ideal introduction to winter hill walking. It provides you with the key skills you will need. Hill walking in winter is an enjoyable and rewarding activity but it does require special skills to enjoy the hills in safety. You will learn how to use ice axe and crampons, including self arrest practice on steep ground, navigate in winter conditions and deal with survival situations. Plus you get expert advice on winter gear.The meeting point will depend on conditions but will be in the Ambleside area to give access to Helvellyn where usually the best snow conditions are.

WINTER PRIVATE GUIDED SESSIONS - One Day Course £200 (Up to three people).

It is possible to have private guided sessions on a daily/two day basis. It includes instruction and use of ice axe and crampons. The sessions would be held anywhere in the Lakes depending on where the best snow conditions are.

Click Here for more information on Winter Courses, prices and to how to book.




5th January 2017

Ron taking a private guided Winter skills session, on Helvellyn, over the New Year period.

19th November 2016

There is plenty of snow on the Old Man of Coniston today. We should have excellent conditions for our Winter Skills courses,for more information about the courses and to book please Click Here

11th November 2016

On the top of the Old Man today with snow on the Lakeland fells.

Ron Rutland was out today on the Old Man of Coniston. As you can see the path near the top was icy. Good boots and crampons are advised.

8th October 2016

Ron 2016 - Peak Lenin 7,134m

Saturday 3rd September 2016

Peak Razdalnaya 6,300m

Lenin - Satilite Peak!

Wednesday 24th August 2016

Peak Lenin 2016 7,134m

Ron Rutland on Peak Lenin

We arrived at Peak Lenin base camp on schedule just as the snow fell! From then on the weather was going in the right direction. Early acclimatisation treks were undertaken with on early rotation to camps 2 and 3, 4 team members withdrew for personal and acclimatisation issues. In the last few days a small weather window appeared on the horizon and we left base camp with high hopes of a summit climb. A final push to camp 3 at 6,200m left us in a strong position for summit success.  Lenin was not to give in easily and during the early hours coinciding with our departure a snowstorm engulfed us. At first light we could see that no summit was possible.The forecast which had been reliable was now not in our favour, leaving no option but descent.

A brilliant expedition with a great team had come to an end, all we needed to do was descend!

Wednesday 17th August 2016

The end of a beautiful expedition to Peak Lenin! 6,100m


Wednesday 10th August 2016

The team arrived at Camp 3 yesterday poised for a summit bid today. Heavy snowfall was due tonight but they hoped to reach the summit with an early start, and return to Camp 2 before the weather turned.
Ron has just phoned from Camp 2 to say that unfortunately the heavy snow came yesterday. It snowed all night with over 30cm of new snow outside the tent when they were intending to leave at 2am this morning - and it was still snowing heavily.
Sadly instead they used their energy to dig out the tents and make their way back down to C2. Over 40cm of snow is forecast for tonight so clearly a summit is out of reach - again!
Ron arrives back on Sunday.

Sunday 7th August 2016
They made C3 last week and returned to C1 to rest and wait for a weather window. Ron was feeling good - he even scaled an unclimbed peak above C3!
Tomorrow morning, 4am, they will leave for C2 on a summit push. Hopefully Tuesday will see them at C3, and in the early hours of Wednesday morning they will leave for the summit.
The route starts with a descent of 80 vertical metres from C3 before 400m of ascent up steep rocky scree, it follows a long broad undulating ridge with a 100m very exposed section. After many false summits hopefully they will be rewarded with incredible views of the Pamirs from Peak Lenin's true summit 7,134m.
The forecast for the next 3 days seems moderate - extremely cold but only moderate snowfall and generally light winds.
We wish them well!


Tuesday 2nd August 2016

Two of the team have been evaccuated by helicopter off the mountain with altitude sickness early this morning. Hopefully they will make a quick recovery at a lower altitude.
Ron made the journey to Camp 2, 5,400m today - taking 6 hours. The route over the glacier skirts around the main icefall but is still heavily crevassed - although Ron thought less crevasses than last year hence his improved time by 1 hour!
He will spend two nights at C2, located on a rock spur on the edge of a huge bowl, planning to return to C1 on Thursday. Tomorrow he hopes to climb to Camp 3, 6,100m - making the best of the weather window.

31st July 2016

Peak Lenin Expedition
Yesterday they reached 5,000m in better weather but today Ron has been in touch to say that he is back in camp 1 in a snowstorm - with little hope of progress for the next day.
The weather pattern is looking more stable mid-week, apart from high winds - so hopefully more progress will be made.

30th July 2016

Peak Lenin 7,134m Kyrgyzstan

Ron arrived in Osh at 1,000m last Sunday, travelling via Istanbul. They made the 5 hour drive to Base Camp, 3,600m, on Monday. The weather seems fairly mixed, although they did manage some acclimatisation walks during the few days spent there.

On Thursday they walked to Camp 1, 4,400m, arriving just ahead of violent thunderstorms. Clearly the weather seems no better than on Ron's last trip.

On Friday morning they woke to a white world with 10cm of snow having fallen overnight. They did manage an acclimatisation walk up to 4,700m during a break in the weather.

Ron is climbing with Bunter who was with him on their previous successful ascent of Manaslu, 8,156m, and Kyajo Ri 6,186m in Nepal, aswell as their joint trip to Gasherbrum in the Karakoram.

Peak Lenin Camp 1, 4,400m

17-July 2016

On 23rd July Ron Rutland, Summitreks Director will leave to join an expedition to climb Peak Lenin 7,134m situated in the PAMIR Mountains of KYRGYZSTAN.
Three camps will be placed above a Low Base camp.
The climb involves snow and ice including a lower ice-fall leading to a long final day from a top camp at 6,100m.
The challenge is the final summit ridge which is long and arduous and exposed to poor weather.
If all goes well the summit should be reached around the 10th August.
Ron will update during the trip.

June 25th 2016

Ron Rutland took this photograph today on Great Burney Fell above Coniston

1st March 2016

Winter Skills Courses

 26th February 2016

Private Guided day out with Ron Rutland On Helvellyn

18th February 2016

Private Guided day out for Father and son.Helvellyn


16th February 2016

Ron going up the Old Man

Ice on the path up the Old Man of Coniston, Crampons or Hillsound trail crampons a must!

John on the Old Man of Coniston.

13th February 2016

Out on Helvellyn on one of our Winter courses.Extra date added 5th-6th March 2016. winter_courses.html

winter course

10th February 2016

A beautiful day in the lakes looking towards Langdale.

28th January 2016

Ron Rutland Summitreks Director has been involved over the past week in the filming of the BBC drama series 'The A Word'. His role has been as Heath and Safety Adviser for the actors and crew during the mountain scenes.

21st January 2016

Ron Rutland yesterday was out on the Old Man of Coniston checking the snow levels ready for the Winter courses. Visit our website for more details and added dates,

19th January 2016

Ron Rutland Summitreks Director has been involved over the past week in the filming of the BBC drama series 'The A Word'. His role has been as Heath and Safety Adviser for the actors and crew during the mountain scenes.

This photograph was taken on Honister Pass while on the way to the filming location.

This photograph from Borrowdale below was taken while out filming at another location.

12th January 2016

Snow here again in Coniston and more due this week.Book a Winter Skills course today so you can enjoy the fells all year round in safety.Visit our website

12th December 2015

Well we had the floods here in Cumbria last week now it's the turn of the snow to visit us, a much more welcome sight it has snowed here all day. The photograph is of the Old Man of Coniston today.

14th November 2015

The first snow of the Winter season was seen on the Lake District Fells yesterday. Book a Winter Skills course today so you can enjoy the fells all year round in safety. Visit our website

Winter skill courses - mountaineering


Thursday 13th August

Peak Lenin in reflection


Now back in Coniston, a short postscript from Ron with some photos showing the beauty of Peak Lenin.
On 4th August at 4.15am we left Camp 3 at 6,150m for a summit push. The weather was not as predicted- but with low cloud, 30 knot winds and a wind chill temp. of around -25c.

Summit ridge from Camp 3


The summit ridge proved long and arduous with soft snow to impede our progress. 8 hours later we were still 2hrs from the summit and decided to turn back. Visibility was poor and route-finding severely testing! The last members reached Camp 3 at 7pm -a 15 hour day on the summit ridge of Peak Lenin!


Everyone was in good spirits and felt that we had given it our best effort. All that remained was to descend to BC the following day and plan for our next challenge!



Ron on Peak Lenin

Wednesday 5th August 2015

It seems that the unsettled weather continues- No word from Ron as yet but an update has come through indicating that the team reached 6,900m. yesterday but in the face of deteriorating weather had to return to C3 at 6,100m.

They are all well in ABC today and plan to return to BC tomorrow. A superb effort given the poor weather they`ve experienced throughout the expedition. So very close!

Friday 31st July 2015

After other teams have been thwarted with high winds near the summit, Ron's group will wait until Sunday to start their summit push. With snow every day so far and the associated avalanche risk, they are optimistic that the weather pattern will change towards the end of the weekend.

Rested after a couple of nights back at ABC(4,400) they will set off through the camps - passing the familiar C2 at 5,400m and probably overnighting at C3, 6,100m. From here, after a descent of 80 vertical metres, there is a 400m ascent of steep rocky scree. This is the toughest section of the route and sometimes a 4th camp is used. Due to potential high winds they plan to carry on through the next 100m. section of exposed terrain making for a long summit day. The top is reached after a long undulating ridge weaving between rock bands and over many false summits.

Hopefully they will be rewarded with amazing views over the snow-capped peaks of Kyrgystan towards the Pamirs before returning to Camp2. A truly long day!


Tuesday 28th July 2015

Yesterday the team left for Camp 2, at 5,400m located on a rock spur on the edge of a huge bowl. The route is heavily crevassed crossing a glacier skirting the main icefall and should take about 6 hours.

They plan to spend 2 nights at Camp 2 making use of the time acclimatising further and checking the route to camp 3 at 6,100m.

Friday 24th July 2015

Peak Lenin - ABC 4,400m

Wednesday 22nd July

Ron has been in contact to say tomorrow they will move up to Camp 1 - a 4 hour walk away sited on the the edge of the moraine at 4,400m.

Today they climbed up to 4,400m on Peak Petrosky in good weather, so should be well prepared for the altitude of C1. From here time will be spent acclimatising and exploring the route to Camp 2 at 5,400m.

Tuesday 21st July 2015

Ron left Heathrow on Saturday 18th July for Osh, a small Russian town at 1,000m, to the north of the Kashmir and Tibetan borders.

Via Istanbul, they arrived on Sunday to be greeted by hot and humid temperatures of 29c.

The Peak Lenin team now all together Osh, Kyrgyzstan.


He is with a group aiming to climb Peak Lenin at an altitude of 7,134m in the Kyrgystan region of Russia. They made the 5 hour jeep drive to low base camp, 3,600m, yesterday - a picturesque meadow in a lakeside setting.

Above Base Camp, Lenin


Rain accompanied them on their first acclimatisation walk to 3,800m - but today they were rewarded with clear skies and views of the route ahead when they climbed to 4,200m. After a short acclimatisation period at low b.c, they will move up to the next camp at 4,400m in the next few days.

June 2015

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May 2015

On 18th July Ron Rutland Summitreks director will take part in an expedition to visit Kyrgyzstan in Russia to climb Pic Lenin 7,134m / 23,405 ft.
The team will fly to Istanbul and then onward flight to Osh.
Base camp is situated at 4,400m. 3 camps are likely to be used to access a summit climb of Pic Lenin.






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